We are origami heart


Coming out of the surging Reading music scene, Origami Heart are the definition of home grown pop punk.  Formed in 2010 by lead guitarist Dean, they take pride in their ability to create their huge power pop sound and produce it all in house. Their sound is a unique mix of pop punk hooks with heavy breaks and soaring vocals.

Vocals - Dan Coughlan / Guitar - Dean Amer / Guitar - Matt Cooper

Bass - Paul Piers / Drums - Will Jupp

Local press quote

"So what do we know about Origami heart? Origami Heart is a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from Farnborough in Hampshire. The Members include Dan Coughlan leading vocals, Dean Amer assisting vocals and one of 2 guitars. Tom Haliwell completes the guitar section . Paul Piers is their utility music man gluing things together on bass, keys and lending vocals and William Jupp completes the on-stage madness with drums and vocals but also takes a leading role in the in-house production. The friendship and song writing in this misfit of musical marvellous dates back to their childhood and draws on influences from a range of bands including Paramore, Something Corporate, Killswitch Engage and Funeral for a Friend. The band specialise in technical guitar riffs, 4-part vocal harmonies which by the way are something that  will leave you open mouthed as the catchy melodies captivate and lift even the soberest of audiences. A tight stage presence is clearly worked on very much; they (to coin a phase) have everyone eating out the palm of their hand as soon as they hit the spot light, whilst leaving room for plenty of crowd participation. The goal of Origami Heart is to bring the fun they clearly have to their audience, adapting to any given situation and providing fantastic music to fans of all walks, without predudice and without forgetting to pack a punch for those who like it a bit heavy."



Jester Amongst Fools.jpg

Jester Amongst Fools E.P

by Origami Heart

Origami Hearts debut E.P